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I finished "Break No Bones" by Kathy Reichs today.

I finished "Break No Bones" by Kathy Reichs today, and it's fair to say that this is the sort of book that people who liked Patricia Cornwall (before she got all messy and confused with Kay Scarpetta) might like.

In this book Reichs' central character, Temperance Brennan (the character that the Fox tv character "Bones" is based on, without the forensic sidekicks but more explanation of bones), is on an archaeological dig when a recently decomposed corpse is found. Because of her skills in that area, she's asked to investigate the corpse.

Just when she's finished with the first, two more bodies (in a similar state of disrepair) turn up, so Brennan makes a holiday out of it and stays round to examine the bones (bit of luck she was there wasn't it).

At the same time, Brennan's sort of ex- turns up to investigate nefarious goings on in a church and her "current beau" turns up to help ask the suspects all the sort of police style questions you'd expect from this sort of thriller (he's a policeman -I'm told they're good at that sort of thing).

The book wasn't bad, but I have 3 sort of grumbles with the book. Firstly, she's written 10 books now (this is the 9th). The general "dead body found, only she can deal with it, she goes off half cocked and boyfriend reigns her in before they find the killer" premise is getting a little old and probably needs spicing up.

Secondly, I'm a science junkie, but even I find all the explanation of bones a little dull on occasions.

Finally, she tends to drop a 2 or 3 sort of synopses of "the story so far" into the story (usually in the form of a conversation between Brennan and someone she's working with). They act as a sort of reminder of what's going on to the reader. I know nothing about writing, and a writer might tell me that this sort of thing happens a lot, but with Reichs, it's really obvious and clunky. It's almost as if she expects the reader to put the book down for a week or two and then come back to it.

The last point is a minor irritation I know, but now I've spotted it in her books, I see it everywhere there.
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