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I finished "The Remains of an Alter" by Phil Rickman.

I'm usually a bit of a fan of Phil Rickman and his crime fighting diocesan exorcist Merrily Watkins, but I couldn't get into his most recent book, "The Remains of an Alter," because it all felt a little forced.

In the book, a village and some Episcopalian parishioners think they're being haunted by the ghost of the (dead Catholic) composer Edward Elgar (which seems a little peculiar, I'd hope you'd agree) and Watkins goes off to investigate. At the same time drug dealers are being killed (Watkins does some digging again) and Watkins' daughter (who's got some cranky ideas herself, but is usually the voice of reason about ghosts etc) has worked herself up into a tizzy and Mum isn't round to calm her down.

I'm not altogether sure why, but the story felt force. It read like the author was forcing things to happen (because that's what the character did) rather letting them happen, which irritated me no end if I'm honest.
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