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I finished "For a Few Demons More."

I finished "For a Few Demons More" by Kim Harrison today. In it her main character has to deal with the consequences of what happened in the previous book in the series, where she hid a charmed item (which could give the group that possesses it great power) from various groups of demons, vampires, weres, elves, pixies and the like.

It wasn't a bad book, it certainly rattled along at decent rate, but there was a lot of "back story" that Harrison made reference too, so I'm inclined to wonder what someone who didn't start the series at the first book would think of the series.

In addition, while I like the series, I've found that it's classified as "chick lit" in England, which might explain why I haven't really clicked with the series as much as I would have liked (given that I generally like horror-cum-fantasy books).
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