jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

I went to see 'I am Legend'

I went to see 'I am Legend' today. It's about an anti-cancer drug that accidentally turns those injected with it into sufferers of a prolonged form of rabies-cum-vampirism and the efforts of Will Smith, the last living man in New York, to develop a cure before catch him.

In many ways it's your standard horror movie. Smith's a good enough actor to prevent it becoming too corny (he helps you enjoy the ride too, even though it's predictable), but once the premise of what he's trying to do has been set up, you'll have seen this sort of thing a number of times before.

The best part of the movie is what they managed to do to New York as it gradually disintegrates returns to the sort of condition it occupied before man arrived on the scene. I thought it was clever, but if you're noticing the background, it's because the foreground isn't holding your attention.
Tags: film, review

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