jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

I went to see "Deifinitely Maybe."

I went to see "Definitely Maybe," with Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin (the girl from Little Miss Sunshine) yesterday. It sees Breslin get curious about how Reynolds met her Mom after a sex-ed class in school and Reynolds tell her in a round about sort of a way (he tells her in a way that forces her to work out which of the 3 girlfriends in her life is her Mom).

It's a syrupy story and a little forced (my kids always asked me and my 'other half' how we met, so any attempt by me to tell that sort of story simply wouldn't have worked), but it's enjoyable all the same.

Reyolds plays the sort of charming role that he's earning a reputation for being good at. It's because of him that the film works I think. Had he been anything but that, the film really wouldn't have worked, I don't think.That having been said, Breslin was pretty good too. She comes across as unpretentious and unbratty, which is good in child actors I think.

Incidentally, it's a bit of a girly film if you hadn't already worked it out.
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