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I finished "A Simple Plan" by Scott Smith today.

I finished "A Simple Plan" by Scott Smith today. It's about three friends (two rednecks and one who's slightly better educated) who accidentally came across $4.2 million and decide to split it if no one goes looking for it. We then spend the rest of the book watching the friendships disintegrate. They made a film of the book a few years back, with Billy Bob Thornton winning an Oscar as one of the friends at the core of the story.

It's a depressing book that I didn't particularly like. I don't like overly positive books or stories that have overly pat endings, and this book is pat, only in a negative direction. No one wins, and that depressed the hell out of me because I want people to make progress and no one (I repeat NO ONE) was better off by the end of this book.
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