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I went to see "Baby Mama" today.

I went to see "Baby Mama," with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler today. Gosh darn it if that film wasn't a waste of time and $9.

In the film Fey plays this driven VP of Sales type who works for the health food very of Ben and Gerry's (the boss is played by Steve Martin). At the start of the film realizes shes hit her late 30s and hasn't had a kid yet, and will do anything to get one. When she can't have one herself, she employs Poehler as a substitute to ensure she gets what she wants.

The rest of the film chronicles their adventures together.

I regret going to see the film. Not because of any of the storylines, but because it's all done in such a cheesy and predictable way. If you're going to the movies and it's a toss up between this film and another, go and see the other film. Yes it is that bad.

Dumb movie. Dumb, dumb movie. I know it's largely a "chick flick," but if I'm honest, I always assumed women had better taste than is!
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