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I went to see "Iron Man" today.

I went to see the Robert Downey Jr. film "Iron Man" today. It's a superhero movie, but not in the same way that Superman or Batman is. In those the superhero "kicks butt and takes name" throughout. In this film, there's more build up. In that way it reminded me of the Incredible Hulk movie of a few years ago.

In this film Downy Jr plays an arms manufacturer who has a change of heart after he is kidnapped by Afghan rebels during a weapons test. He escapes when he builds an iron suit (the rebels tell him to build a weapon) and sets off trying to get back at the rebels (and change the emphasis of his firm) when he gets home.

It's not a deep and meaningful but it's a pretty decent way to spend a couple of hours I think. It's surprisingly violent, so be warned, but I think you'll like it all the same.
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