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I finished "Dime Store Magic" by Kelley Armstrong yesterday.

I finished "Dime Store Magic" by Kelley Armstrong yesterday, and I have to admit that I found it a little difficult to believe.

In the book we see a young Massachusetts witch and coven leader called Paige do battle with a sorcerer over the guardianship of a powerful young witch called Savannah, who is about to hit puberty and really see her powers develop.

The sorcerer is portrayed as the evil enemy, with all the power that a life of wealth and privilege can provide, while Paige is portrayed as the "plucky little woman who could."

The sorcerer attempts a number of ways to blackmail Paige into giving up Savannah, while Page fights back gamely, and stays in the game throughout the book.

The book wasn't bad, but I found the sorcerer's attempts at blackmail a little unbelievable if I'm honest. In the world inhabited by the book, witchcraft and sorcery aren't supposed to exist, so when the sorcerer starts to unmask Paige, the religious cooks come out in numbers to harass her. This makes her life even more unbearable. It also makes the book even less believable.

Ask most people what they think of when they think of witches and they'll probably describe images of women of a certain age doing silly things in the woods while under the influence of something. While they might not like what these witches do, I don't think that they'd get so worked up about it.

In the book, we're expected to believe they'd do anything to get a witch out of town. Well I'm sorry, but I don't believe it. Having lived in a religious area of America for 5 years, I can tell you the American religious right are many things (including very very very anti-Catholic), but they are not the bullies they are portrayed as here.

I know the book's fiction, I know it's not real, but I like a 'ring of truth' to my books, even if they're daft. So all in all, only read this book if you're really good at suspending your disbelief.
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