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Is being anti-Catholic a subtext for being anti-imigrant?

I was in work yesterday and over lunch one of my colleagues launched into this anti-Catholic diatribe. I'm Catholic, but kept my mouth shut as she told me that Catholics weren't "one of us," that we couldn't be trusted, that we would do just what the Pope told us to do, that we were breading like rabbits, and we had "issues with drink."

When I pointed out that I was Catholic and that Roman Catholicism was the largest religious grouping in the US, she wisely pointed out to me that she didn't mean Catholics like me, but added that I was a prime example of what she meant, because my wife (she refuses to use the word partner) had our first child when she was 17.

I got up and walked away at that stage, because I knew I'd lose my temper but I have to admit that I felt like asking her if anti-Catholic was a subtext for being anti-Hispanic? Ask most people to imagine a Catholic and they'll imagine some one who's Hispanic, and the longer I stay in this country, the more I believe that some people might view Catholic and Hispanic as inter-changeable, and I'm not sure that that's a good thing for either community.
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