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I finished "Severed" by Simon Kernick today.

I finished "Severed" by Simon Kernick today. Trust me when I say that that isn't a very book, if I'm honest with you.

At the start of this book, Tyler, the central character, wakes up in a house he doesn't recognize. He's clearly been drugged, and when he rolls over to get his bearings, he finds the badly mutilated remains of his girlfriend next to him.

Soon after, he gets a phone call that tells him that if he doesn't do certain things, the police will be called and evidence will be presented to them that suggests that he was involved in the mutilation.

He follows the instructions, but because he clearly can't trust who put him in this position, he goes after those who he believes were really involved in the death for the remainder of the book.

You might think that all this might sound rather enjoyable, if a little disgusting (and the way I've described it, it might sound a bit like a "boys own adventure" for adults). Trust me when I say that it's too predictable to be enjoyable.

After I'd read Chapter 1, I guessed pretty what was going to happen. This pre-cognition I had wasn't helped by the fact that Kernick seems to have borrowed plot themes from his own books to help bolster his own story. Almost as soon as I read certain things, I just knew how they might be related to what he wrote in Relentless, the other Kernick book I'd read.

Now you might think I have a knack for guessing the endings of books. I don't. Anyone with half a brain would guess what was going to happen in this book. Anyone who has read anything that's remotely similar to this book would guess what's going on in this book too. Everything he writes in this book is that well telegraphed. Trust me on that.

In short, don't read this book. Have a good look for a book with a similar plot and read that book instead. It's almost bound to be better written.
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