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Is Barak Obama insane?

I'm an Obama supporter. I've campaigned for him, which involve me doing a whole bunch of "local activist stuff" for him in the run up to the primaries, after John Edwards (my first choice) pulled out. So I have every right to be confused by his choice of running-mate.

I was hoping he'd pick Mark Warner (I was hoping Warner'd run for President, he'd still have the best chance in the South I think, but that didn't happen). I could have been happy with Bill Richardson (he has more "world experience" than Biden, even if he's the dullest speaker in the universe). I could've been happy with Evan Bayh, Max Baucus or Jeff Bingaman (who all represent states that the Democrats need to win).

So who does he pick? Joe Biden. A guy who is a natural at putting his foot in his mouth so hard it knock teeth out. Obama's crazy. He's just gone down a million miles in my estimation.
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