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I finshed "Devil Bones" by Kathy Reichs

This book stars Temperance Brennan, like all of Kathy Reich's other books.

In this book Brennan is called in to examine some bones that seem to be related to devil worshiping of some sort. Given that this book is set in the Deep South, this leads to an up rising in the moral majority, who see the practice as cause for concern.

When bodies start dropping left and right, the police, and Brennan must act quickly before all hell really breaks loose.

This book is a return to form for Reichs. There are fewer "spectacular coincidences" that allow Brennan to tie 14 murders up in a bow, and there's less of a tendency by Reichs, the author, to remind us of the plot so far every 20 pages, which she's done in the past.

So if you can get over the "high science content" of having bones explained to you, you might enjoy this book, though having said this, the science content isn't as high as it was in other books either.”
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