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I finished "The Burnt House" by Kaye Kellerman

Faye Kellerman is the wife of the author Jonathan Kellerman, and while they both write detective fiction, their writing styles are typically very different. His books tend to rattle along at a certain rate, while her books are typically more thought provoking. Both styles are valid, but I find her books more enjoyable when they're written well.

In this book, a plane crashes into an apartment block in Los Angeles. The actual crash is dealt with quickly, because the aftermath is at the heart of the book.

While looking for evidence of the last remaining passenger from the crash (a passenger they never find), they come across a badly burned body. Naturally they assume their work is done. When this assumption turns out to be false, Pete Decker decides he has two murders on his hands, one recent (the passenger), and one over 30 years old.

After some decent detective work, they nail both killers, and that element of the story is told well. The problem is that the book focuses a little too much of the mystery aspect of the story. The best Faye Kellerman stories make me think (or tell me
something about Judaism, if nothing else), and that doesn't happen here, which left me wanting more from the book, and that's a shame
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