jamiebowen0306 (jamiebowen0306) wrote,

I finished "Now and Then" by Robert B. Parker today

Now and Then, by Robert B Parker, is one of the more recent books in a series about Spenser, a private investigator, his psychiatrist friend Susan, and two of his sidekicks (who typically do more of the violent "heavy lifting" than he does).

In the book, which I guess you could call "hard boiled," we see Spenser investigate the death of an FBI agent and the agent's cheating wife. On the way he comes across the wife's new squeeze and examine his involvement, if any, in their deaths.

The book rattles along at a fair old lick (thanks to a lot of dialogue and not much descriptive work), and if you want an easy read, you can do a lot worse than this book. That having been said, I can see why other critics might say this book's a little predictable. I've not read Parker before, but I get the feeling the structure of the dialogue has been used in previous books. Despite all this I think those who have no experience with Parker might still like this book, with is being such an easy read and all.
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