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I went to see "Gran Torino" today.

I went to see "Gran Torino" today. It's the Clint Eastwood film that sees him play a retired auto-plant worker who still lives in his old community, despite the fact that pretty much all the white community have acted on their urge to flee in the face of the Korean community taking their place.

Don't expect Eastwood to play some hippy liberal. He's pissed the Koreans are there, but he's the sort of bloody minded, racist old guy who decided to dig in because they're coming. He isn't hateful in his racism, just pissed off and uses racist attitudes as a way to vent and rail against the work.

A local Korean kid tries to steal his "Gran Torino" as part of his gang initiation, but makes a pigs ear of it, and Eastwood catches, and later befriends, the guy (of sorts). Eastwood and the guy then have to balance their relationship, the gang and their respective families, if they're to make it to the end of the film.

This isn't a bad film, despite the criticisms of Eastwood's attitudes in the film. It's not "high art," but it's a pretty good way to spend 2 hours if you've nothing better to do with your time.
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