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I went to see "Beth Cooper" today.

I went to see "Beth Cooper" today, and that was one of the dumbest films I have ever seen. It sees the class valedictorian announce to the world that he loves the school cheer leading captain. He then goes on to "speak truth to power" before formally graduating. The film then goes on to look at what happens the night after graduating.

There are two major problems with the book. First the two lead male characters are far too old for the role. They have to be nearly 30 if they are anything, and that got in the way of the film. They didn't look young and their roles needed a young actor.

The second thing is that it's beyond predictable. We've seen this this a thousand times before, and this film bring nothing new to the scenario. So, in short, a really bad film. I think that Hayden Pannetierre was in it for they paycheck.
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