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Went to see 'The Night Listener'

I went to see the film 'The Night Listener' which stars Robin Williams and Macauley Culkins little brother yesterday evening. I really don't know what to make of it if I'm honest. In the light of what happened to Oprah and 'A Million Little Pieces' I guess you could almost describe the film as being about a middle aged guys search for something more while fact checking a book (if you wanted it reduced to one sentence), but that really doesn't do it justice. It's a good film but I've not decided whether I'd recommend it to people yet because it was just too damn depressing and I wasn't all that convinced by the ending.

I will say one thing though. I think I'm getting used to Robin Williams not being Robin Williams of 'Good Morning Vietnam' and 'Mork and Mindy.' I don't expect him to go into that whole routine any more. That having been said, it makes me wonder whether he got the role because he was someone famous or because he was the right person for the part.
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