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I went to see "The Ugly Truth" today

I went to see "The Ugly Truth" today. It stars Katerine Heigl as a driven, anally retentive, television producer (the second film in a row I've seen her play that role) and Gerard Butler as the slobby "public access tv 'shock jock'" she falls for (he played the king in 300).

It's very similar to "Knocked Up," the other Katerine Heigl I've seen, but I would say it was better. It's better for a couple of reasons. Firstly I suspect it was funnier (though some people might argue there's a bit of "potty mouth" humour about it). Secondly, and with the greatest respect to Seth Rogan, I could actually see her falling for Gerard Butler. Both were slobby, sure, but Butler's character had more about him than Rogan's character did.

So all in all it's a pretty good film. It'll never win any Oscars, but it was still pretty good.
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