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Do you know what I don't get about this health insurance argument?

The thing I don't get about this health insurance argument is what people will believe. I mean people think that the government is going to let people die so they don't have to pay benefits. Does that sound like the action of any sane individual, let alone one who has to be re-elected ever 2 to 7 years? The day that an elderly person dies because they were "let die," there would be such a brouhaha that anyone associated with that decision would be hounded out of office.

Another thing I find incomprehensible is the fact that Fox News seems to be saying that shouting and screaming is acceptable behavior. I mean I know there are two sides to every argument, but is it appropriate to be yelling at someone because you disagree with them? Well Fox seems to think so.

While I'm on this, I come from a country that (according to Sean Hannity) has the "most socialized medicine" in the world (the UK). I'm also told that about 12% of the population are dissatisfied with the service they get over there.

Ignoring the fact that that means 88% of people are satisfied with the service, I have to argue that the number dissatisfied with health-care is higher here. 47 million people, out of 300 million people in the US, can't get health-care in the US. That means that 15.7% of the population (at least) are dissatisfied with health-care if EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THE US IS HAPPY WITH HEALTH-CARE. However, I'm willing to bet that the uninsured aren't the only people who are dissatisfied with health-care in the US.

We all know that there are more than the uninsured who are unhappy with the health-care system, so I have to argue folks that we really ought to suck it up and take a step in that direction.
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