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I went to see "Invitus" today.

In England, football is the country's main, widespread, spectator sport, but rugby probably comes in second (it probably sees of cricket as the number 2 spectator sport). In reality there's no competition between rugby and football in terms of number of spectators, but you often find people are either a rugger bugger or a soccer supporter. I'm a rugger bugger.

I imagine it's the same in football, but rugby supporters know their history, especially their recent history. Consequently I know the story of the South African return to full participation in international rugby in the early 1990s after the end of apartheid pretty well.

This film looks at this return to full rugby participation. Morgan Freeman plays Nelson Mandella (he usually gets the accent right, but Madella does have a distinctive way of speaking) and Matt Damon plays the captain of South Africa, Francois Pienaar (he gives a standard "accent" for his part).

The film is pretty good, and those that don't know the story will enjoy it, but those that do know the story might find it a bit pedestrian or dull. If you want to see what really happened when it comes to the full integration of South African sport at the end of apartheid I think that the BBC or Sky (the satellite channel in the UK) did a better job.
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