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I went to see Case 39 yesterday.

I went to see Case 39 yesterday. It's a silly film about the relationship between adults and kids in our society today.

I think, deep down, that some adults are a little scared of the change in the adult-child dynamic that has occurred over the last 30 years. Back then, you could give your kids a good smacking if they were a handful, your kids were "seen but not heard" and all kids were more respectful I'm told.

Nowadays if they aren't dissing their parents or teachers, they're shooting each other over a pair of trainers or "getting all up in someones face" about something.

Renee Zellweger plays a social worker who steps in to protect a seemingly innocent child, only to find she's the spawn of satan and intent on mayhem.

It's a really daft film that we've seen a bunch of times before (most recently in last year's Orphan). Zellweger was miscast too. She seems fairly worldly wise if you ask me. Reece Witherspoon (who has always struck me a precociously bratty since Election), might have been a better choice, could they have got her.
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