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I went to see "Whatever Works"

I went to see "Whatever Works," the latest Woody Allen film, and it just plain irritated me I'm afraid.

It stars Larry David as a smug, suicidal former college professor whose attitude to life now has become "whatever works." The result is that he's withdrawn from life. He sits on the sidelines making smug comments about life as it passes him by, convinced that that's going to make him happy (because well, it works for him).

This approach to life continues till me meets Evan Rachel Wood by chance when she turns up on his doorstep. After a prolonged courtship (during which they discover they seem to have the same attitude to life), they marry.

They then muddle along through life (despite the age gap) till her mother turns up. Realizing there's something wrong with the 40yr ago gap between the 2, she sets about breaking them up (which is "whatever works" for her I guess). In the process she's "corrupted by New York liberalism" and becomes a whole new person herself.

Later Wood's father turns up. He too is "corrupted by New York liberalism" after staying there a while. The result is that like his ex-wife, his life (like his former partner's) changes irrevocably, becoming happy for the first time in his life I guess.

All in all it's a dumb film. More than that, it just flat out irritated me. It seemed to suggest that you shouldn't strive. That you shouldn't accept short term pain. That the only thing that matters is instantaneous happiness, and to me that's just plain wrong. I expect better of people because it means the rest of us have to sort their crud out while they go off in search of their inner zen.
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