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I went to see "Inception."

I went to see Leonardo DiCaprio in "Inception" yesterday. It's a decent film, but I don't think it's as clever as it thinks it is.

DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Ellen Page play people who can create and enter someone's dreams and steal ideas. The idea being that the thoughts in someone's head are a lot less well guarded than those ideas found in a safe. Consequently, stealing someone's thoughts is a lot easier than stealing paper.

The team is approached to do the opposite in this film, however. Instead of taking an idea out, they are asked to insert a thought into Cillian Murphy's head. The hope being that once it's been inserted it'll grow into the fully formed action they want.

In theory, this isn't a bad film. It's enjoyable enough, but it's muddled in places. The team have to create dreams within dreams for the insertion to work, and I found the jumps between the dreams somewhat messily handled. Others might disagree, but I stand by this point because I don't think the film flowed as well as it could have done.
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