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Three Days Into My China Job

I mentioned earlier that I was moving to China as part of my job. Well I arrived Sunday and my first impressions are mixed to be honest. The people seem nice enough, but part of me feels that I'm chasing the almighty dollar by coming here. I'm not, honest, but my lack of language skills makes me feel that way all the same.

The first thing you notice here is the heat combined with the humidity. It's been in the high nineties since I got here with humidity at 70%+ (which make things seem 10C hotter it seems), it's not that pleasant to walk out in, especially in the heat of the day.

The second thing you notice is the driving. I'm sure there are some rules of the road, but they don't seem to be followed, by anyone. I've seen kids in shorts (but no helmet) clinging on for dear life on the back of mopeds. I've been hooted by truck drivers as I was walking down the sidewalk because they wanted to get past. I've seen cars bicycles and mopeds get three abreast on roads and try and squeeze over into their lane when they've seen something similar coming in the opposite direction.

The third thing you notice is the fact that everyone stares at you. I mean everyone. You can almost see them wondering why a white guy is in Ningbo. It's not mean or antipathetical, I'd know what an African-American would feel like in Crackerville Arkansas if it was, but it is odd all the same.

The other thing you notice is the number of people who smoke, and where. You don't see many smoking in western restaurants. You do here. You don't see them smoking (as customers, let alone employees) in the west. I've seen employees smoke here.

There'll be more tomorrow. I just don't want my first entry to be too listy.
Tags: china, cross world travel, cross world treck, job, life

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