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More Views on China

I'm still getting used to China if I'm honest and I've been here a week. The thing that I'm struggling most with is the temperature and the traffic. It's just too damn humid here at the moment (70%+), which means that I'm sweating like a hot pig in a sauna whenever I'm out. I'm a bit of a chunky gent, which doesn't help, but it's not great, all the same.

The other thing that still bugs me is the traffic. The stereotype of China being a land of bikes isn't too far wrong. Whenever you're out, you're almost bound to run into them. Maybe they're just less stressed about the dangers or bigger risk takes than I imagined, but I'm getting sick of seeing kids hanging on for dear like on mopeds and bikes.

The fact is that they wear not crash helmets. They wear no protective clothing. As often as not they are balanced just behind the light as Mum, Dad or grandparent goes at 20mph along some area of open space (they don't always stick to the roads). If their guardians want to drive like muppets, then let them go for it is my attitude, but I've lost track of the number of times I've said "take more care she's 2 fool."

I say this because it doesn't matter how good a driver Daddy is, there's going to be some muppet who does something dumb. Here are two examples of what I mean. This morning I was walking along the sidewalk when a Ford Ranger sized truck got caught at traffic lights behind me. Wanting to turn right, he mounts the curb and follows me down the pavement till he's right up my back passage. At that point he toots (as if what he's done is the sanest thing in the world), as if it's perfectly normal to do what he does.

The other example I want to give is if you want to turn left at lights say. There are 2 or 3 cars in front of you waiting to make the same maneuvre. Do you wait till they've turned left? Well in the west you would, but here you swing the car out into the oncoming traffic, gun the engine and hope you make it before any of the cars in front of you do the same or turn left when they're supposed to.

Trust me when I say traffic here is mad!
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