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China has the strangest shops.

China has the strangest shops. I don't mean what they sell necessarily (I haven't come across any dog meat butchers for example, though I'm told they taste better with a bit of adrenalin in their flesh), it's more the pattern of what we find here, and where those shops are.

When you're walking down the street, you'll see a couple of hairdressers, a corner shop, a couple more hairdressers, a clothes shop, a hairdressers, a supermarket and a hairdressers. It's odd. At least in regional towns, it's like shops self segregate. You'll be walking for a while and suddenly see a huge number of one type of shop. I've lost count of the number of hairdressers in walking distance of my flat. Once you've gone 10mins walk though, you can't find one for toffee. It's strange.

The other thing is that they do have some weird shops here. Disregarding the numerous bike shops (which are to tatty old bikes here what car mechanics are to cars in Cuba), it's more like they sell such odd things. I've found shops that sell nothing but metal rods. They'll give you metal rods of any length and diameter, but don't expect to ask for anything other than metal rods.

The same thing occurs with bits of plastic, and little wires too (internet connector cables, and plugs). Now I could have written it off if I'd see one or two rod or plastics shops but I haven't. These weird little shops seem to crop everywhere, and I'm surprised that there's enough work for so many of these little store.
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